He’s a handsome and charming novelist and journalist who is deeply in love with Olivia but sadly circumstances come between them and their love becomes unfulfilled in Book 1 & 2. He’s a small town boy at heart but very in the know about art and culture. He has deep feelings for Olivia  though he does not express it fully in the beginning. He goes through a dark time in Book 1 and seems cold but his reasons are revealed in Book 2.
Name: Jack Bodenham
Age: 33
Born: London
Beloved Books: Kerouac, all the Beat writers, Shaun Tan picture books, Paper: an elegy by Ian Sansom
Music: Tycho, John Mayer and Bach
Film: The Unbearable Lightness of Being; Dead Poet’s Society; The Sins of Madame Bovary
Food: Steak and chips
Drink: Whiskey
Quote: “Sometimes even to live is an act of courage”
Favourite Artist: Caravaggio and Vermeer
Dreams: To publish his poetry, marry Olivia and travel the world
Cologne: Chanel’s Allure Homme Sport

“The waitress glances at her watch then looks back up to see a handsome fellow stood waiting. He is all dark tousled hair and blue eyes that cast a flicker of cerulean in the autumnal light. The waitress stands speechless. He warmly tells of his order and looks around for a seat as the girl recomposes herself away from his good looks.”

“His twenties were spent roaming quaint cafes in Paris and New York.  His summers spent writing poetry or performing it at a literary salon. Olivia was charmed by his tales of the fallen books on his head at Shakespeare and company, the waitress spilling milk on his laptop in Brooklyn which only briefly disabled it’s use as it worked back to normal a few weeks later just in time for his publisher’s deadline of the now out of print novella: “Chance Encounters.” Whilst in Brooklyn he set up an indie imprint which ended up launching the now New York Times bestselling author Frederic Paton. Paton’s first book was literary criticism and he has been the only author to have a literary criticism reach the Top 5 of the NYT list. And it all started humbly at Beat Road Press.”

Songs to remind you of Jack…

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