Olivia Mariam in cave on Devon beach

Olivia is taken
But a look like hers can be found from time to time
I’m thinking something like Olivia
Is what I need to find
There’s only one man in this world
Who gets to sleep with her by his side
There’s only man in this world
Who gets to sleep with her by his side”
– John Mayer

Olivia2 filtery

Name: Olivia Mariam
Age: 23
Born: Cheltenham
Beloved Books: All of F Scott Fitzgerald, Hemingway, Kerouac’s “Visions of Gerard”, Simon Van Booy and The Bible
Music: Britney, Robots with Rayguns, The Corrs, John Mayer and Bach
Film: Midnight in Paris and Vicky Cristina Barcelona
Food: Moules et Frites, scones with clotted cream and blackcurrant jam
Drink: Earl Grey (of course) or Jasmine Green tea with condensed milk
Quote: “Don’t let convention dictate your Destiny”
Favourite Artist: Picasso and Van Gogh
Dreams: To move to Paris, fall in love with an Artist and be his eternal Muse!
Adorable Moments: Spilling milk on her laptop, drinking hot chocolate through a straw
Perfume: Galop d’Hermès and Roger & Gallet’s Cédrat

A fiction flash inside the series:

“The man walked over and took a seat on her table. He felt compelled to- how could he not? She was such a curious creature. Somewhat strange yet hopelessly beautiful. She glanced up. Her pretty lips silently parting to say “Oh.”

“She wasn’t sullen she was suffering.”

“Perfectly curvy with Asiatic eyes.”

“Head to toe in all fifty shades of grey tones in autumnal coverings of an asphalt sweater, concrete corduroys with a flash of orange from her scarf and layered vest top: standard Belgian street wear.”

 “Her love life was an omission, not on her part but on his. Whoever he was?”
Songs to remind you of Olivia…


Robots with Rayguns – Sugarbaby
Britney Spears – Hold it against me (Robots with Rayguns remix)
Jessica Simpson – I Have Loved You
The Corrs – Irresistible
John Mayer – No Such Thing

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